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It’s great to get around and explore different neighborhoods-whether you’re new to LA or a long-time resident-but the sad truth is that it rarely happens. So it stands to reason that the area you choose to live in should be a great fit for your lifestyle.

Sharing that desire for a good sense of community and looking out for each other is a fundamental reason why people choose to buy into this lifestyle and there is a good chance you will achieve these aims if you choose to live in a gated environment.

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Your home is more than a spot on a map, it is a reflection of you, a place to build more into life. From pancakes on the weekends to neighborhood parties, your home is where memories are made, designs are explored and quality time is king.

You will find affordable real estate in Clayton that are right for growing families, empty nesters, active adults or the 55 plus folks and first time home buyers. broadmoor/broadmoor West Broadmoor is located in the Cleveland community close to the area known as 40/42 because of it’s proximity to the major interchange of both highways.