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The survey found that 44 percent of respondents ages 60 to 70 carried a mortgage into retirement. Seventeen percent said they might never pay it off. Research from from Fannie Mae’s Economic &.

Paying off mortgage can be age-based decision ‘The younger a person is, the more aggressively they are likely to invest. This weighs strongly in favor of investing rather than paying off the.

This consumer would have been better off by $1,085 a year by paying down the mortgage, because saving $2,800 is better than earning $1,715. Under the new tax law, this person is less likely to benefit from the mortgage tax deduction.

Should I Use My 401(K) to Payoff Mortgage? When to Use 401(K) to Payoff Mortgage if Retired By this point having had identified the difference between a loan and a line of credit I can reveal the benefits of utilizing a line of credit to pay off a home mortgage in 5-7 years.

"Paying off a mortgage should be taken into context with your entire plan," says Mark Painter, a financial advisor with Everguide Financial Group, in Berkeley Heights, N.J.

If the value of your home represents a significant portion of your net worth, then making the wrong decision on paying off your mortgage can be very detrimental to your wealth. You can increase risk, decrease control, increase taxes and reduce the net performance of your overall wealth by paying off your mortgage to the bank.

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A reverse mortgage can be an effective tool providing seniors access to the equity in their home. However, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s important to work with an experienced originator who can help you assess your unique situation to determine if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

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The tables outlining their portfolio calls are on the following pages, along with a handy average for the group. rate term on their mortgage or mortgages. Even items like family medical issues and.

A vacation home can serve as your own. you’re able to deduct the interest you pay on the mortgage when you prepare your taxes. [More from 10 Steps to a Financially Organized Life] Now.