Paramount Residential Mortgage Group alleged to have not paid for overtime work

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Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG), a leading lender in the mortgage industry, has been sued in a putative class action by an hourly employee and an underwriter for not providing them with meal breaks and rest periods, for failing to pay them for work taken home from the office (called "off the clock" work), and for failing to pay the correct rate for overtime (double time for work over twelve hours in one day).

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Paramount Residential Mortgage Group alleged to have not paid for overtime work fact sheet #33: residential care facilities (Group Homes) Under the Fair Labor Standards Act . This fact sheet provides general information on . minimum wage, overtime pay and child labor requirements of the Fair Labor standards act (flsa) as they apply to.

Very generous and kind company to work for. Paramount Residential Mortgage Group raises money each year for a charity of the President’s choice. Last year it was for Wounded Warriors, this year the company decided to raise money for its own employees who were suffering from cancer.