How Do I Know If I Should Refinance My Mortgage?

There are both good and bad reasons to refinance, and they are not just based on interest rates. find out when refinancing makes the most sense and when it could be a bad move.

Should you Refinance your mortgage? Breakeven is the point of zero profit and zero loss. It’s so vital to reach this breakeven point at the shortest possible time. This calculator is specially designed to find out the time over which you will be able to reach the breakeven point on a mortgage refinance.

Once you’ve built up enough equity in your home to bring your mortgage below the 80% mark, then your lender should stop charging you. and you’ll know how long it will take for a refinance to pay.

My suggestion would be to talk to family and friends and see if they can recommend a good loan officer. Then you can discuss your refinance options, and see if it makes sense. Generally I advise people to pay close attention to the number of years left on their current mortgage, and the number of years on the new mortgage.

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Now that you have decided to refinance your mortgage, you need to know how. The refinance process can be divided into three phases: No. 1: Preparing your refinance documentation No. 2: Defining the purpose of your refinance No. 3: Shopping around for the best deal. Click here to learn more: “How to refinance your mortgage”

Because I have several properties (primary, rental, vacation/rental, vacation), people ask me all the time how often they should refinance their mortgage. My answer is always, “As many times as it takes to save you money!” I’ve refinanced my primary mortgage four times in seven years and I.

This analysis doesn’t mean you should – or should not – refinance. It just means you should think it through, and not make your decision based on rules of thumb or a payback analysis. Finally, if you want to try a clever strategy to see if you could make it work, you could pay your new 30 year loan off on a 25-year schedule (by making higher payments) to match the loan period you have on your current loan.