House Hunting Tips

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Buying a home is super stressful. These quick tips will help when buying your next dream home in Myrtle Beach.

The housing market in California’s Silicon Valley is beginning to rebound. And while it certainly isn’t as hot and heavy as it was in the dot-com boom with multiple offers as high as the sky, local.

Are you ready to buy a house? Spring is a great time to look. Here are a few simple tips to help you on your house hunting adventures.

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STUART – If you’re house hunting in Florida during hurricane season (june 1-nov. 30), there are special items beyond the number of bedrooms and baths to consider. Below are several to look at closely:.

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Seven Insider House-Hunting Tips. We know – you’re dedicated. You’ve compared square footage, wiggled your way through the crawl space, explored the town and even researched the neighbors online. But there’s a good chance you’re overlooking some little-known checks that reveal if a house really makes the grade.

Buying a home can be an exciting and somewhat stressful experience. When shopping for your new home, keep in mind these house hunting.

I'm taking you on my adventure of buying a house from start to finish. Join me as I share tips, tricks, and lessons learned from my home buying.

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This checklist gives you carte blanche (well, almost) when viewing potential homes. Awwwwkward. But here’s something that should feel weirder: buying a home without knowing absolutely everything you can about it. The only way to avoid the second awkwardness is to face the first head on. When you’re house hunting,

If you’re ready to put your financial house in order, we’ve borrowed five tips from Marie Kondo to help you get started. so you no longer have to spend hours hunting through or organizing paper.

10 top tips for effective house-hunting. Buyer's agent Breffnie O'Kelly says it should only take three months to buy a home. Thu, Feb 15, 2018,